My purpose is to use my gifts of leadership, compassion, resilience, and a positive and growth mindset to help female professionals take the next step in their careers, lead with confidence and thrive.

Together, we will disrupt social norms around Women’s role in the workplace, business, politics and family and fight for Women’s full and equal participation in all facets of society.

One woman at a time.


The Stable Corporate Career

For 20 years, I had a stable career in the corporate sector. I steadily climbed the career ladder, ultimately reaching leadership positions.

I was proud of my accomplishments and felt secure in my professional life.

The Journey Towards Entrepreneurship

But a spark inside me desired something more, a desire to create something authentic and entirely my own. That spark illuminates my entrepreneurial journey. A testament to my ambition, and my desire to craft something bigger than myself, I ventured into a new world, creating three different businesses.

However, the entrepreneurial journey wasn’t just about forging new paths. It was also about battling the inherent sexism often masked in corporate jargon, about pushing back against the fear of asking for pay rises or promotions and standing up for myself in tough conversations.

Discrimination and Lack of Voice

Throughout my journey, I encountered instances where I felt discriminated against and where my voice went unheard. I struggled to ask for pay raises and promotions, fearing rejection or being seen as too demanding. I often doubted my own worth and capabilities, allowing these fears to hold me back.

Fear of Standing Up for Myself

Having difficult conversations and standing up for myself was another challenge I faced. I feared confrontation and worried about the potential consequences. This fear often prevented me from speaking up when it mattered most, leaving me feeling disempowered and frustrated.

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The Fall

Despite my best efforts and tireless dedication, my businesses did not fare well. I faced my biggest career disappointment, and it took a severe toll on me. I was working harder than ever and found myself on the verge of burnout. Ultimately, I had to face the harsh reality of personal bankruptcy.

One day, I found myself sitting on my sofa, completely lost and overwhelmed. I was consumed by feelings of shame, guilt, and failure. I felt like I had let myself down as a professional and as a mom. I didn’t know what to do or where to turn.

The Turning Point

In that moment of despair, I hardly recognized myself. I knew I had to make a change, to find a way to overcome the obstacles in my path and rediscover my purpose and change my mindset.

My story is one of transformation, of learning to face adversity head-on and finding the strength to keep moving forward. In the midst of my struggles, I had to stop and ask myself: What did I truly want? What did success mean to me?

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Through this journey, I’ve learned that as a female professional, I had so many limiting beliefs and paradigms that I had to change. I realized that I had the right to dream big and pursue my career aspirations just as much as anyone else. I started challenging the notion that success was limited by my gender.

Empowering Myself

I started believing in my own worth and capabilities. I understood that I could earn a substantial income and still have a fulfilling family and personal life. I worked on building my confidence, knowing that I am enough and capable of achieving greatness.

Dealing with Fears and Doubts

While fears and doubts still linger, I’ve learned how to deal with them. I no longer let them paralyze me or hold me back from taking action. Instead, I acknowledge them and find the courage to push through, knowing that growth lies on the other side of fear.

Conquering Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome still creeps in from time to time, but I’ve learned how to act when it shows up. I remind myself of my achievements, skills, and the value I bring to the table. I refuse to let self-doubt undermine my potential and limit my success.

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The Transformation

A Harmonious Symphony: Passion, Success, and Happiness

Now, as a driven and successful female professional, I am passionately in love with my career in my dual roles as both the HR Director for a philanthropic organisation, and as a Leadership & Career Coach in my own flourishing practice.

I relish the journey and embrace the challenges along the way, navigating each unique experience armed with self-awareness, resilience, and determination. In this beautiful dance between my professional and personal life, I have crafted a harmonious symphony.

My journey has ignited a passion and mission to help other female professionals. As a coach, mentor, and leader, I am here to guide you on your own transformative journey – to help you nurture your dreams and achieve your fullest potential. Together, we can shatter the glass ceiling and celebrate not only our individual successes but the collective power of our community.

So, my dear trailblazers, embrace your own journey and take action to reach your career and financial goals. Redefine success on your own terms and awaken the power within you. It’s time to step up, speak out, and claim the fulfilling, harmonious life you deserve.

My story is one of grit and transformation, about facing adversity head-on and finding the strength to step into the career and life I deserve. In the process, I’ve redefined success for myself. To me, success is about owning the power within us, it’s about believing in our abilities and forging our unique path forward.

To every ambitious woman out there, I am here to tell you – You are capable, you are worthy, and you deserve to achieve your dreams.



ACE Certified Coach in Accelerating Coach Excellence Journey to Mastery

Career Matters Accredited Your Career Plan 121 Career Coach

ACE Coach Accelerator Enhanced Practitioner

CMI Level 7 Coaching & Mentoring Programme

Certified Life & Success Coach

CIPD Level 7 Diploma in Human Resources Management

Master’s Degree in Management

MBA in International Management

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I believe we need to put ourselves in other people’s shoes and help them from a place of no judgement. This will develop trust and success in any relationship.


I am open and transparent and will give my best in everything that I do. I will create a safe space, with honesty and no judgement, where we all are whole and resourceful.


I do and practice what I say I believe in. I walk the talk.


I always have an overall positive perspective and focus on all that is good in life. This allows me to approach life’s challenges with a positive outlook. However, it does not mean avoiding or ignoring the negative but making the most of potentially bad situations, trying to see the best in other people, and viewing ourselves and our abilities in a positive light.


I am a lifelong learner, passionate about growing and the endless possibilities in life. I have failed many times and have always learned and grown from these failures. There is no failure, only opportunities. Fail fast and try again.