Leadership and Career Coach Carla

Fueling your growth and sparking your hidden strengths is not just my passion – it’s my life’s mission. As a people professional, Coach and Mentor, I’ve studied the art of unlocking human potential. I’m here to guide you to discover the powerful woman you truly are.

We’re on this journey together, seeking the keys to lasting success. And guess what? They’re not hidden on some distant peak – they’re within you. Unleashing them, shaping them, honing them – that’s my expertise. I’m here to help you see, really see, the untapped potential you possess.

As the founder of BelightU, I am known for my expertise and ability to help female professionals take the next step in their careers, lead confidently and thrive.

I provide a beacon of support, empowerment, and encouragement for those seeking guidance from someone who truly understands their journey…because I’ve been there.

Providing Excellence

In Coaching & Mentoring


Professional women often come to me feeling underrepresented and underappreciated. They’re striving to break through the glass ceiling persistently. Finding harmony between personal and professional life seems impossible. I deliver targeted career strategies that help female professionals gain clarity on their career paths and grant them the confidence to voice their aspirations.

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6-week career transformation on-demand course. With a rich range of modules and valuable resources, you’ll master the art of personal branding, a resilient mindset, leadership, career change, and career development strategies. All of this is topped with support via our dedicated APP. This offering is accessible to every aspiring woman who wants to step into her power.

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The Ultimate 16-week Career Coaching and Mentoring Experience to Get You to the Next Level in Your Career. Land that desired pay rise, promotion or a new job you’ll enjoy in 90 days or less with more confidence and less STRESS. Find harmony, fulfilment and peace of mind! Join a community of like-minded women on the same journey as you.

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