Your Career Accelerator

The Exclusive 16-week Career Coaching & Mentoring Experience to Get You to the Next Level in your Career


Land that desired pay rise, promotion or a new job you’ll love in 90 days or less...


...with more confidence and less STRESS.

Find harmony, fulfilment and peace of mind!

From an outsider's perspective, your career appears to be thriving...

√ You've played by the rules...attended a good school, perhaps earned one or multiple degrees, and secured that "impressive job" everyone admires...a stable career and a nice income...

√ Undeniably skilled in your field...having devoted time and effort to reach your current position.


Yet, deep down...

√ You're bored, exhausted from waiting for change within your current organisation, you're eager to seize control of your professional life, pursue a higher role elsewhere, or transition into that alluring industry.


√ You find yourself in a place where your self-confidence has taken a hit, leaving you unsure of your desires and at a loss for how to navigate your current situation.


√ You feel stuck— work relationships feel like a hurdle, where your incredible efforts seem invisible to those around you, and where your to-do list feels like a mountain with no peak in sight.


√ Despite trying it all—reading hundreds of articles, enlisting a Curriculum Vitae writer, watching YouTube videos for hours, and listening to podcasts—nothing appears to work, even though you're confident in your abilities to excel in your desired roles.


√ You long for further growth, a promotion, increased influence, recognition and a more gratifying career, yearning to feel enthusiastic about work once more.

√ You sense something's lacking and are enthusiastic about partnering with a coach and mentor who's walked in your shoes and can guide you in elevating your career, getting a promotion or a new job that you'll love.


Get to the Next Level in your Career

with expert support from Leadership & Career Coach Carla Martins


A 16-weeks Coaching & Mentoring experience to get to the next level in your professional life and earn more money. 


Empower Your Mindset & Boost Confidence: Cultivate a strong mindset and self-assurance to ask for and secure that promotion you deserve. 
Elevate Your Personal Brand: Enhance your CV, LinkedIn profile, and self-image to establish yourself as a leader in your field, attract job offers, and become an interview magnet.
Establish Healthy Boundaries: Prevent burnout and achieve a harmonious work-life balance by setting clear boundaries.
Design Your Career Game Plan: Strategize your career advancement to reach financial freedom and professional success.

Achieve Your Career Goals: Define your aspirations and design key development activities to land a job you love.
Connect & Learn from Like-Minded Women: Share experiences and gain valuable insights from other driven women on a similar journey to success.



You are wondering..."Do I really want to invest in a Coaching programme only to be disappointed?"

This is the only programme in the market that offers comprehensive support in life, career and leadership coaching, mentoring, practicums, and holistic coaching - all supported by an App and expertly designed to empower ambitious female professionals like you. Say goodbye to disappointment and hello to the life and career breakthroughs you deserve



Hey...I get it! At one point, I had spent hundreds of hours in experimenting and thousands of pounds in trainings and Coaching certifications and still lacking the confidence I desired!

I was totally committed to mastering what women need to be able to step up and speak out to get the career and life they want and DESERVE!


But it was worth it! Beyond just acquiring knowledge, the true essence lies in translating our learning into action!



I am a Certified Leadership and Career Coach and  I help female professionals cultivate confidence, secure promotions, increase their income and lead thriving careers


I've walked in your shoes. 

I know how it is to feel stuck in a job you don't like, or to feel like your dream job is out of reach because you don't have the skills to get it.


I understand what it's like to sense that something is missing, that there's a yearning for more—a career and life with greater meaning.


I've endured the pain of gender-based unfair treatment, the frustration of having my ideas dismissed as "stupid," and the struggle to identify the barriers preventing me from living my best life.


As a single mother, I've grappled with the juggling act of doing it all while feeling like I was falling short.


And I know how difficult it can be to figure out what's holding you back from getting the career (and life!) that you deserve.


That's why I chose to become a leadership and career coach for women: to provide a beacon of support,, empowerment, and encouragement for those seeking guidance from someone who truly understands your journey and knows how to help you achieve what you want.



“Dear Carla I wanted to share some words with others about the amazing impact your coaching has helped me to achieve… Through Carla’s guidance, I was able to realise a number of professional goals – Carla’s thoughtful questions helped me to realise that I owned the answers to my questions! Carla’s coaching techniques truly inspired and guided me to realising a number of small adaptations that I could make that would lead to transformational personal change. Carla helped to make me realise that issues that I perceived to be huge, with some very small changes in my own behaviour, these issues could become insignificant. Thank you Carla for providing me with this wonderful coaching experience. Looking forward to our next sessions."


“I've always been wary of coaching but Carla has been compassionate and helpful. Helping me think through my goals and helping me take the necessary steps to achieve them. She's been helpful and instrumental in aiding me to push through my barriers. I'd recommend her."


"Working with Carla was truly transformative. I have had the pleasure of being coached and mentored by her at a crucial stage of my life and carrer, having just had a baby in the midst of a pandemic. I really felt I was being heard, challenged and at the same time warmely supported. Carla allowed me overcome my insecurities and identify my strenghts. Not only did she help me achieve all the career-related goals we had set at the beginning of the sessions, but also she pushed me to articulate my aspirations for all areas of my life and in the long run."


"Carla delivered a gold standard coaching and mentoring service. She created a warm, positive, mutually respectful environment. Her challenge was constructive and her insightful questioning prompted me to think in different ways and reach solutions that had a profound impact for me. I worked with her to develop my career plan and professional brand and profile - both of which have yielded positive results for me in terms of professional development. I have no hesitation in recommending Carla."

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"I thoroughly enjoyed the professional coaching I received from Carla to shape my career development plan. Having moved abroad for studies then work, I was gutted to re-start my career from scratch and so was lost on what I wanted to do in life. If it wasn't for Carla's dedication and valuable guidance in steering me back to my bigger goal, I probably would have continued to be lost and waste more precious time! 
Carla came to each session with a clear direction on what we needed to focus on and never once 'told' me what I had to do - it was gentle nudges for me to discover myself on my own! And it didn't stop at this precious discovery only, she also guided me on how I should plan my activities - in the short and long term - so as to not lose sight of my dreams and ambitions in life. 
Thank you once again for your sessions, Carla! I am so very grateful. Can't recommend you enough!"


"I am so grateful for you Carla!
Sessions with Carla were powerful beyond measure & I’m forever grateful to her. She is an amazing coach & can move mountains by what she sees in others. Carla allowed me to be myself & held space for me throughout all of our sessions. She never made me feel like I was being judged. Her questions were powerful & created deep (and emotional) insights about myself & about my life. Every session I walked away with something powerful. There is no other word to describe our sessions. I felt comfortable speaking with Carla & at ease. She is calm, happy & that reflected right back to me. Carla is genuine & heart-felt. She laughed with me & felt my emotion too. The techniques used were also powerful. I never felt like I was being ‘coached’ but ‘guided into a discovery’. The techniques flowed with our discussions & were not just thrown in because it was ‘something to use’ (which I have felt from other coaches). I’m super grateful for our sessions & any client who crosses paths with Carla will be blessed with greatness - as is she!"

Unlocking Your True Potential


The value from your investment is ultimately determined by your own dedication and the effort you invest in the experience. 


Commit and witness the transformation unfold as you unlock your true potential. 


My Commitment to You:

✅A devoted partnership with 100% dedication 
✅Compassionate challenges to spur growth 
✅Absolute transparency and honesty 
✅Inspiring guidance to illuminate your path 
✅A judgement-free safe space for exploration 


Your Commitment to Our Journey:

✅Unwavering dedication and commitment 
✅Persistent effort to drive growth 
✅A curious mindset to foster discovery 
✅An open mind for embracing new possibilities 
✅Taking action to propel your transformation 

Seeking More Insights? I'm Here to Help: If you require further information, rest assured I've got your back! Simply click the button below to apply for additional program details and schedule a personalized call with me. Together, I'll help you make the most informed decision for your bright future! 


"I am so grateful for you Carla!
What a transformative and inspirational journey we have been doing together.
In a safe and open minded environment you show you are very attentive to details, consistent and a wonderful listener. You’ve revealed how precious you are as a human being and as a professional, it has been clear to me that helping other women is your true mission.

Thank you so much for sharing with me your time, knowledge and good energy!

I wish your path may be joyful, peaceful and bright!"


"Carla is a fantastic coach and a wonderful person! As a coach, she leads with kindness and collaboratively works with you to achieve your career goals using highly effective tools that encourage you to build not just a successful career but a purposeful career. As a person, she is an amazing listener, gentle, and very thoughtful. She connects with you really easily and creates a warm, positive and safe environment where you feel incredibly supported. I feel very blessed to know her, Thank you, Carla!"

Envision Your Transformation:


A sense of clarity and alignment with your purpose and values 

A strategic career game plan for the next 2 years 

Well-defined goals for the upcoming 12 months 

A polished and optimized personal brand 

Empowered and confident to advocate for yourself (salary increases, promotions, etc.) 

Mastery of new skills to propel your career 

Establishment of healthy boundaries for personal well-being 

Access to tools that shatter limiting beliefs and foster a positive mindset 

Nurturing connections with like-minded women 

Inclusion in a flourishing community of driven individuals 


Seize the Opportunity of a Lifetime: If you feel a resonating connection with this program, don't hesitate to secure your spot by clicking the button below. Embark on a life-changing journey that will elevate you to new heights and redefine your future!